Our Story:

The founding members of Appointed Partners Publishing started with about 90 sheets of paper and one man's dream and vision. Then two best friends came together and begin to colaborate and together they made history. What comes next? That story is yet to be written as they have only just begun to explore what the future holds. Appointed Partners Publishing invites you to join them on this journey and to you they say "Welcome to the Partnership!"

Our Values:

We at Appointed Partners Publishing have very distinct values. They are Loyalty, Trust, Hardwork, and blatent Honesty.

Our Mission:

To give voice the voiceless and direction to those that have not; one book at a time.

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Aspiring Authors

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New Authors

We are actively seeking new authors. Send us your query letter along with the first three chapters of your manuscript to Query Submission and one of our agents will contact you.

If you need help constructing your letter or your manuscript is not complete we still want to hear from you. Call us today at (971) 350-9795

Open Book

Appointed Partners Publishing Proudly Presents:

All The King's Men Volume One

Heavy Is The Crown

The First Novel By New Author


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Heavy is the crown